• NWA 5597, 119 gm - Front View
  • NWA 5597, 119 gm - Reverse view
  • NWA 5597, 119 gm - Front View (alternate)
  • NWA 5597, 119 gm - Reverse View (alternate)
  • NWA 5597, 119 gm - Detail View
Fresh 119 g specimen with green matrix and ink black fusion crust coating ~ 60 percent oft he meteorite‘s surface. The Johnston-like diogenite shows a coarse grained, cataclastic texture of impressively large pyroxene crytals. The specimen is pictured on p. 3 of the Meteorite Recon documentary on fusion crust as an example of corrasion effects (mechanical abrasion) on meteorite fusion crusts.

Acquired by Svend Buhl for the Meteorite-Recon collection.

Northwest Africa 5597, 119 gm individual
Class: HED achondrite, diogenie (ADIO)
Location: Outat el Hadj, Morocco
Found: 2007
TKW: 171.5 gm
Classifier: MNB; Dr. Svend Buhl, Muehlendamm 8, 22087 Hamburg, Germany; A. Greshake (MNB)

Available: $1,695.00 USD


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