Achondrite (Eucrite, melt breccia) fragmental, equilibrated basaltic eucrite grains set in a eucritic melt rock.

Beautifully colored eucrute melt breccia from a single stone with weathered fusion-crusted exterior. Cut face shows a breccia of light-gray and white clasts set in a matrix of dark impact melt, some of it vesicular. A few small caliche-filled cracks and veins are present in the outer rind of the stone, however they do not penetrate throughout the mass.

Microprobe examination of a polished mount shows many fragmental plagioclase and pyroxene grains, and a few microgabbro clasts, bounded by melt veins and pools. Some melt zones transition into a cataclastic groundmass of very fine-grained plagioclase and pyroxene. Most pyroxenes possess exsolution lamellae. Accessory troilite, chromite, ilmenite and silica. Calcite and barite weathering products detected.

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