• Gebel Kamil, 835 gm - Front view
  • Gebel Kamil, 835 gm - Reverse view
  • Gebel Kamil, 835 gm - in Henbury book
SOLD — A total of about 1600 kg of iron meteorite shrapnel ranging in mass from < 1 to 35,000 g, plus a single 83 kg individual completely covered with well developed regmaglypts, was found in and around the 45 m diameter Kamil impact crater by an Italian-Egyptian geophysical team in February 2009 and February 2010. The specimen up for sale is 835 g shrapnel. The surface exposed in situ shows a wind-polished desert varnish, while the opposite contact surface exhibits a thin coating of melted target rock. The meteorite is pictured on p. 111 of the book „Henbury Craters and Meteorites“ by Buhl & Mc Coll as an example of a crater forming meteorite shrapnel coated with impact melt from the target rock.

Acquired by Svend Buhl for the Meteorite-Recon collection.

Gebil Kamil, 835 gm shrapnel
Class: Iron, Ungrouped
Location: East Uweinat Desert, Egypt
Found: 19 February 2009
TKW: ~1600 kg
Classifier: M. D’Orazio, Luigi Folco

Sorry, this item is SOLD.

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